Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring is exacly a changing the hair color. The three most common classifications are:

  • Permanent hair color – permanent artificial hair pigments penetrate the hair and settle deep in its core. Color lasts up to 8 weeks, depending on condition of hair
  • Demi-permanent – the alkaline agents employed are less effective in removing the natural pigment of hair than ammonia these products provide no lightening of hair’s color during dyeing. They can’t  color hair to a lighter shade than it was before dyeing. Pigments wash out over time – typically ca 20 shampoos
  • Semi-permanent hair color (also called hair gloss) pigments don’t penetrate inside hair, they only coat the outer hair shaft. Its gentle alternative to permanent coloring. Color lass up 8 shampoos or a few week

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions is a non-invasive treatment.  It’s a way for make a long and think hair quickly. Treatment  allows to extend the hair to tens of centimeters and increase the amount of hair on the head. We use only top quality, natural, healthy hair. We provide hair extensions services basing on 5 methods:

  • Tape on/off – the most modern method. It involves bonding tapes with transparent silicone tapes on both sides
  • Keratin system – is attached to the hair using a keratin. Heat is required for an application.
  • Tissage system – is attached to using special tape. Stylist braids natural hair to create a base.
  • Mikrorings system – use small rings. They are fixed to small sections of natural hair
  • Clip In Hair (also Clip-in wefts) – use specials clips


Seek advice from you nearest stylist. Your stylist will discuss with you method, style, length and thickness to come up with look unique to you. (Specialists: Iza, Maja)
Brazilian Keratin (also Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Straightening System) – is hair smoothing treatments used to straighten hair without causing any damage to the hair follicles.  Molecules of keratin pierce into the inner hair structure. Treatment designed for hair regenerating and forming. Its gives long-term effects (3-6 month).  (Specialists: Ania, Maja)
Headline – interferes in the hair structure. Its based on breaking disulphide bonds in the hair. After service hair becomes more susceptible to styling and forming.
Oxilock Repair  – intensive nourishing treatment. Its improves the condition of keratin fiber.